...... Thanks to the good location of the Marina of Cala Galera, the number of options for possible itineraries is high. Our suggestions are just meant to give you a first glance at the opportunities you have and help you best plan your cruise. For any additional information, tips or advice, simply call us or write! We will be happy to help you plan a very special cruise!

...... WEEK-END

Yes, we are lucky. The Argentario Peninsula is one of the few places in Italy where you can reach many beautiful spots in just one weekend: only 7 miles separate Cala Galera from the tiny island of Giannutri, home of thousands of seagulls, and only 13 miles away is its bigger sister, the lively island of Giglio. The Marina of Cala Galera lays along the beautiful coast of Mount Argentario (a complete tour, from Cala Galera to Porto Santo Stefano, is 15 miles), surrounded by an incredibly deep-blue water, where you can still see dolphins that pass by. Towards the east/south-east, beyond the wild beach of Feniglia, surrounded by pine-trees and Mediterranean maquis, you will reach the rocky cape of Ansedonia (4 miles).

Cala Galera, towards the north, is not far from the bay of Talamone (25 miles) where the local museum hosts beautiful vestiges of an Etruscan temple, and from the wild and green coast of the National Park of Maremma - Mountains of Uccellina (30 miles), scattered by old watch towers and the home of wild boars, fawns and cow-buffalos.

For those who like to cruise “off-the-beaten tracks”, the waters of the island of Montecristo are certainly worth a detour (about 40 miles); please note that the island is a preserved marine area and that special permission from local authorities is required in advance.

Unless you want to keep a very tight schedule, it would be a pity to try to include all such destinations in just one week end. We advise you to choose some of them - they are all beautiful - and to remember you can always return!

...... ONE WEEK

You can either choose to lazily cruise to the destinations included in the “week end” proposed itineraries, or to easily reach, to the north, the green and large island of Elba (about 40 miles), which hosts excellent tourist and nautical facilities. Its wooded coasts are scattered with beautiful beaches, coves and marinas.

On the mainland coast (about 20 miles from Elba), you can stop and moor in the fashionable and trendy marina of Punta Ala (where you enjoy its excellent golf course) or in the brand new marinas of Salivoli (Piombino) and Etrusca Marina (Scarlino).

Cruising towards the north you can as well reach the island of Capraia (20 miles from Elba), which has hosted a high-security prison until the eighties and its wild beauty has been kept untouched.

Cruising towards the south from the Argentario Peninsula, cruise-lovers will be able to reach the fascinating islands of Ponza and Palmarola (about 110 miles), cherished by all those who have moored nightly into their beautiful and romantic coves. On the way, you can choose to rest in the comfortable marina of Riva di Traiano (40 miles), in the brand new marina of Porto di Roma (60 miles) or in the marina of the lively and trendy peninsula of Cape Circeo (110 miles).

...... 2 WEEKS OR MORE

You might have an difficult choice! The peculiar location of Cala Galera allows cruisers to easily reach, in 2 weeks time, plenty of other beautiful destinations besides the ones mentioned above, such as, westwards, the islands of Corsica (Porto Vecchio 97 miles) or Sardinia (Palau 110 miles).

Cruising towards the south, beyond the charming islands of Ponza and Palmarola (about 110 miles, see above), you will find the windy and tiny islands of Ventotene – with an old roman haven- and S. Stefano –with a fascinating antique prison (120 miles), or the trendy islands of Ischia (157 miles), Procida (160 miles) and Capri (170 miles), as well as the romantic sites of the Amalfi Coast (180 miles).

Cruise-lovers may wish to continue towards Sicily and reach, on the way, the seven charming Eolie islands (only 290 miles away)!

(*All distances are meant, unless otherwise mentioned, from the Marina of Cala Galera)